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Ministry of Craft
Ministry of Craft

Welcome to Ministry of Craft


facebook-redA sociable and friendly place where you can be inspired by our varied programme of fantastic craft courses, in central Manchester.

Take a look at our course programme and get excited about the world of craft! Whether your just starting out or want to get creative we have something for every type of crafter of every level.

Hands with sewing machineSew an A-Line or Pencil Skirt in a Day 8_310_sqSew an A-Line or Pencil Skirt – Saturday 10 October- £65.00

Step up your Sewing Machine Skills – Saturday 10 October- £37.50

Overlocking_NEW_310_20140222BowlingShirt_310_sqStep by Step: Introduction to Shirt Making – Saturday 17 October- £37.50

Overlocking for Beginners– Saturday 24 October- £37.50

knit-it-now-3-squareDorisDress_sq_310Knit it Now – Stunning Wire Beaded Jewellery– Saturday 24 October- £37.50

Stretch Yourself: Sew a Doris Dress or Sweater– Saturday 31 October- £65.00

basicsewing_120_20090209Roll_stripey_sewing_sq_310Sewing Patterns Decoded – Saturday 31 October- £29.50

Learn to Sew – Sunday 1 November- £25.00

All Ministry of Craft customers added advantage of obtaining a 10% discount when shopping at Fred Aldous, on the day of the course.

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