Jan 09 2020



Thanks Valerie for sharing your beautiful wedding photos from James Richard Photography After attending some of our workshops Valerie made table cloths and napkins for 100+ guests and amazingly embroidered all the napkins with the names of the guests to take home!

This is what Valerie had to say........

I wanted to send you a few pictures … remember when you helped us buying fabric from Oddies for our wedding tablecloths just a year ago?

I just wanted to show you the final result. :-)

With the beautiful fabric you got for us, we managed to make table cloths and napkins for 100+ guests at the cost of linen rental.

As a bonus, as these weren’t linen rentals, I was able to embroider all the napkins with the names of our guests (instead of place cards). It took me a couple of months to embroider these but I was very happy with the way it looked! We got so much good comments on the napkins, everyone loved them and took them home as if it were wedding favours. ;-)

Many thanks again for teaching me how to sew (I was a complete beginner when I started the workshops with you), for giving me the passion and the confidence to realise this kind of crazy project and for helping us with the fabric order, delivery, etc.

Another bonus, Valerie is now able to sell the table cloths on Ebay so someone else can benefit from them while getting a return on her investment!

Thank you Valerie, you did an amazing job, the tables look amazing and congratulations on getting married! We look forward to seeing you soon on more workshops.