Dec 17 2019



I'm a great advocate of stretch fabric, once you gain confidence sewing these fabrics, your sewing repertoire really starts to expand. Not least because we all have plenty of stretch in our wardrobes already. So when you're looking to create a truly 'me made' wardrobe' being able to sew with stretch fabric is a must.

I had this lovely comfy dress from gap and inspired by all the lovely garment I've seen on our Clone your Closet workshop, I used this as the basis for my pattern. Drafting the pattern was pretty straight forward, the shape of the dress was simple to copy and there aren't any tricky darts or pleats to take into consideration. I picked our lovely Foxy Fabric (out of stock, but we're working on it!) to whizz up a sample.

A tip I have when cutting your stretch fabric is to use a rotary cutter on the curves of your fabric, I find this makes the fabric easier to deal with. I sewed the sample on my sewing machine and it coped fine on the straight stitch which may be down to the fabric.

It was a little big around my waist and needed to be shortened, but other than that it was a good copy! The fabric was lovely to work with, not slippy and it doesn't ravel like some lighter weight jersey's.