Dec 01 2019



We've got a super easy DIY for you. The nights are drawing in and you need a bit of colour around the house to distract from the grey outside your window. Our Pom Pom Wreath is perfect, an all year round decoration all you need is a spare hour and some left over yarn!

We used pom pom makers to make our pom poms but if you don't have them then Mr Printables has great Pom Pom tutorials as well as how to make your own Pom Pom maker with cardboard and bulldog clips. So, let's make a pom pom wreath

You will need:

Pom Pom maker

Yarn for pom poms (this is a great way to use up old bits of leftover yarn)

1 metre of 1mm wire



What to do:

  • First of all make your Pom Poms - follow the instructions of your pom pom maker to do this. You can make them all one size or different sizes as I have.
  • Lay them out as you go along to get an idea of the shape. When you are happy with your pom pom arrangement cut 1 metre of wire.
  • Thread the pom poms on to the wire, you need to be careful doing this as it may push some of the yarn out of the centre of the pom pom - don't worry if it does!
  • Another thing to look out for is where you push the wire into the pom pom, you want to be as close to the centre as possible, they may look a little uneven if the wire goes in slightly off centre, just re-thread if you are unhappy with the placement of the pom pom.
  • When all the pom poms are threaded and you're happy with them cross the wires over each over and pull them until the wreath forms a circle. Twist the wire around itself to secure in place and cut off any remaining length.

  • Cut a length of ribbon (up to you how long you want it) and tie it around the wire. Push the pom pom's up towards it to cover any gaps.
  • Now test hang it to make sure you're happy with it and don't be afraid to give it a bit of a faff if the shape isn't what you want!
  • You've done it! How easy was that!