Jan 28 2016



2016 is here and with it comes a renewed passion for getting things done! I don't know about you but there's something about this time of year that just makes me want to plan. Something that I'll personally be committing to this year (famous last words) is trying to sew at least one garment for myself a month.

Now obviously this may sound more than easy to you keen sewers out there but I have to admit that although I love sewing, I've never really been interested in dressmaking. So why do it? Well, I've been inspired by some great sewing blogs and of course by our customers who continue to amaze me with their gorgeous handmade clothes.

Now, I like a challenge and so my first garment will be just that. It's a garment for a special occasion, Ladies Day, which I am attending this year with my family. I've already bought a hat (it was on sale) and when looking for a garment it seemed that perhaps this was a good time to put my money where my mouth is!

The last garment I made (successfully) was my wedding dress, so it seems that I have a thing for big pressure garments for very public events!

My chosen pattern is Vogue's 1395, inspired by the marvellous What Katie Sews, I'm hoping that this dress is going to look stylish and just fancy enough for Ladies Day!

I love this Indigo fabric from the Cloth House, but I am a bit scared of it (check out the washing instructions) could there be a risk of smurfage with indigo fabric? So my alternative is this fabric that I've been admiring for a while!

I'm waiting for the postman to deliver my pattern etc, so watch out for my update on how I get on!