Sep 20 2019



Happy with the fit of my bodice and sleeve (see previous blog), I decided to turn the below into a finished garment. I extended the length (so it didn’t finish at my mid-rift!) with some piping inserted in the waist seam. I also added pockets using the same contrasting fabric used for the piping and finished the neckline off with binding.

I used my skirt block to create the extended section from the waist. I cut away a section at the side seam in the front garment piece to create a slanted opening, then cut a pocket lining (in black polyester), and pocket (in contrast red).

You make these pockets up as follows:

Stitch pocket lining on front garment piece, right sides together, it is a good idea to stay stich or fuse the pocket opening first to prevent it stretching out of shape.

Turn the pocket and press the edge.

Topstitch the edge of pocket to keep the lining from ‘rolling’ outside.

Sew the pocket piece to the pocket lining with right sides together, matching notches. Finish the raw edges.

Machine tack the top and the sides of pocket to the garment piece.

Next onto the piping, I cut the fabric strips on the bias and joined a couple of lengths together, as it was not quite long enough to go all the way around the waist.

The bias strips are then wrapped around piping cord and stitched in using a piping foot (we cover piping on our Develop Your Sewing Skills workshop).

I then sandwiched the piped cord between the top bodice and bottom section and sewed all three together at the waist seam.

All that was left to do was insert a concealed zip and sleeves then finish the neck off with a binding and this is was it looked like.