Tailors Ham Tutorial by Jeanette Archer

  • Tailors Ham Tutorial by Jeanette Archer

Jul 17 2019

Tailors Ham Tutorial by Jeanette Archer



½ metre of calico

Fat Quarter of Quilting weight cotton

Matching sewing thread



Fabric scissors

Fabric marker


Sewing Machine

Iron and ironing board


1. Draw your ‘ham shape ‘onto stiff paper or card. Ours measures 21 x 26 cms, you can use a plate to draw around to curve the edges, remember to make the top narrower than the bottom.

2. Using the fabric pen trace pattern pieces onto fabric. You will need to cut 3 pieces in calico and 1 in your chosen printed cotton. Mark notches with small snips into the seam allowance.

3. Stack two pieces of calico together, and the printed cotton with the remaining calico piece. With right sides together, sew all around the edge (1.5 cm seam allowance) from notch to notch, back stitching at beginning and end.4. Clip seam allowances taking care not to get too close to the stitching.

5. Turn Right side out.

6. Stuff with sawdust. Using a funnel can help. Push the sawdust into the curves of the ham as you go. Keep stuffing until not the tiniest bit more sawdust can fit, then try and stuff in more!

7. Once the ham is completely stuffed, turn in the raw edges and overstitch to close and finish the ham.

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