Jan 14 2019



Well done India for being awarded our latest Ministry Makes Winner! We have loved having India on our workshops and are so glad she has shared her story below with us.

I'm having a year of creativity: drawing, painting and printing, and dressmaking. I want to be able to design clothes to fit me and my 'odd' shape and well as be able play with colour, textures and form. Clothes that express 'me'.

I hadn't done any formal sewing since school, which was off-putting to say the least, but since messed about on machines, altering clothes, free-machine embroidering and felting/embellishing; making cushions, bags, hats....but not really much confidence, patience or self-discipline for following patterns or doing things neatly. My skills were very rusty on my first course at Ministry but the tutors have been great in helping me develop skills and confidence very quickly, even accommodating myself as a wheelchair-user, offering extra support when tired and ill. I have recently attended courses to make personal blocks (bodice and skirt) with the wiggle dress course... (wiggle dress 2 in red is well on its way now at home. See pic.)

The Doris dress course was a breeze, stretch fabric and done on an overlocker, my first time but it inspired me to buy one, so did beginners overlocker course too. Now I can be more speedy, as suits my personality, but I have also gained patience and enjoyment of the whole process, even the bits that need unpicking and redoing!

Can't wait to try new patterns, and even had a go at making a couple of simple garments from clothes I have already. Having a background in architecture, the creating of the 3D from 2d is a teeny bit similar.

I have found the Ministry courses great fun, informative and supportive and have my eye on a couple more!

Well done India, you are a worthy winner. We look forward to seeing you again soon and thank you for all your lovely comments, you look amazing in your dresses!

A six-month subscription to Love Sewing Magazine is on the way to India.