Jun 13 2018



What have you all been sewing lately? Here's a little update on my sewing adventures!

In preparaion for a new wrap around skirt workshop, I made this skirt using fabric from Dashwood Studios, Cotton Meadow in Navy. The fabric was great to sew with and the weight was perfect. I drafted the pattern from scractch using 3 identical skirt sections sewn together (back, front and a front underwrap). I then drafted a waistband, again using 3 idenetial pieces to attach to the skirt.

It was very simple to make, so perfect for those new to dressmaking, the only tricky area was top stitching the waistband down as it was slightly shaped. I added a buttonhole and button to fasten the waistband. I have started to attach my buttons now using the sewing machine, something I am going to start introducing in our workshops - anything to avoid any hand sewing!

I made the below first sample in stitch check in black from Jane Makower. It was made up of 6 sections instead of 4, but I found 6 was not necessary. The additional joining seam at the centre front did not work well either in this check design.

The skirt shown on the first page is made using Art Gallery fabric Hello Ollie Blosson Drift in Rose. Although not a wrap around style, it is made in a similar way with 6 indentical sections and a concealed zip instead of a wrap over.

All of these fabrics are available in our online shop if you are inspired to go ahead and make a skirt yourself