Jan 16 2018



Christine has now attended 3 workshops with us and we are so glad she has shared her story below with us. It really goes to show how sewing can have a very positive effect on your well-being, you can follow Christine's project on Instagram @Anti_Hermit_Plan.

Christmas 2015 was miserable; my mum died recently which made Christmas Day strange, and then I was laid up with bad flu from Boxing Day until early January. Whilst lying on the sofa, feeling sorry for myself, I decided I needed to project to stop me becoming a weekend recluse.

The project I devised was to have photographic evidence of me outside, at least once, every weekend of 2016. I named the project the anti-hermit plan and it ended up being a lot more successful than I had imagined.

As I come towards the end of the project I have realised three things: First, I have some really great friends and although they mostly don’t live anywhere near me we have had some great weekends away. Second, I love going for walks on my own. Initially I took short walks close to home, but then I realised I could confidently follow a map and go on some great treks. I love walking in a group but there’s something very satisfying about planning and following a route on my own. My great success was completing the 68 mile Lancashire Coastal Way.

My third discovery is that I absolutely love sewing. A friend bought me a birthday voucher for the Ministry of Craft in Manchester so I signed up. My first course was to make a ‘fit-and-flare’ dress and as soon as I got home with my fabulous dress, I booked on a course to learn how to make a bodice to fit me and then how to alter the basic block to my own designs. Following the success of these two, I joined a sew-social day and made a rather gorgeous vintage vogue dress. As well as the expert assistance from Alison and Jeanette, for me the joy of these days is how friendly and supportive everyone is. I come away full of ideas and inspiration for my next project, and the one after that, and the one after that.

Next year’s project is definitely going to have a sewing theme.

We would love to hear more stories about how sewing or craft effects your life too, please feel free to email in [email protected]