Aug 24 2017



We have a very romantic Ministry Makes this month, the winner, Tanah, sent in the below.......

Just wanted to thank Sam, Jeanette and Alison for all their help and wisdom in getting me to the point where I made my wedding dress! I was still sewing it in August (wedding was 7th, I finished it on 4th…eek…buttons took longer than I had anticipated / I put off doing them) so I thought I’d enter it for your Ministry Makes competition! It might encourage other people who have the fear of wedding dress shops to come down and do a dress making course, or the sew social dressmaking workshop where it all began for me! Not that you can see from this photo really, but the top is in fact two pieces, joined by lace covered buttons where there would normally be seams at the sides and on the shoulders, and the skirt is a wrap around design made of an ivory satin backed crepe, and also an ivory georgette on top (skirt fabric bought at Leons). There were times where it wasn’t the most fun to sew (mainly hemming), but I’m very glad I persevered - it was lovely to wear something I had made on our wedding day.

Thanks again