Apr 12 2017



Chunky cardigans aren't really the order of the day at the moment but you'll thank yourself for investing the sewing time once the autumn frosts roll in!

I love cardigans, especially ones that you can wear over a plain dress to liven up an outfit. The hardest thing about sewing them yourself is finding the right type of fabric. We've been scouring one of our favourite online fabric stores and we've found some cardigan friendly knits that'll look stylish and keep the cockles warm.

We love the wools at Croft Mill and amongst our faves at the moment are the gorgeous And Camilla and Rose Pink both fantastic Cardigan Material. Use them to make this pattern by named clothing. Lovely, long and tres chic, it's the perfect tonic for the changable autumn weather.

And if you need a hand with your snug-wear then come along to our cosy coatigan workshop - we'll make sure you go away with a beautifully sewn garment that'll keep you warm till winter!