Oct 18 2016



Please believe me when I tell you that I finished this dress in February. It proved more of a problem to find the time to photograph it than to actually make it! If you cast your mind back you may recall that this fabric was a sale purchase from Ditto Fabrics. The pattern (Butterick B6086) I realised when making it is strikingly similar to our fit and flare dress. This is a shape I wear often and I didn't make any adjustments to the pattern when making it. It had seperate bodice pieces for a C or D cup, I went with the D cup but must stress that's still pretty far from my own bust size.

In all honesty I was being lazy and so it ended up that although the garment fits it pinches a little on the waist (because I think I should have at least lengthened the bodice to accommodate my bust). But the good news is I'm going to make this again. I like the shape and it was more or less straight forward to make. The only bit that confuddled me was putting in the zip, but I managed it in the end!

I've actually picked one of our own fabrics to make my Ladies Day dress and it's quite different from my original plan. I fell in love with this purple seedhead cotton when it arrived. It's a medium weight fabric and has a lovely finish that is almost like canvas. With 2 and a half weeks to make this dress the pressure is on, I can't wait to share the results with you.