Jul 04 2016



It's been a dreary month but luckily you've shared plenty of creative crafting to keep us inspired. This month's winning make reminds me of an old Swedish saying that goes something like; 'If you can't buy it, make it yourself, if you don't know how, learn.'

Congratulations to our winner Louise, here's what she said about her make;

'A washing machine I made for my 1-year-old nephew, who loves domestic chores! I made this up completely as I couldn't find anything similar anywhere - I used a foam seat pad cut into quarters then stitched together to make the block, which means it can also be used as a little seat! I hand stitched all the sides together, buttons and door, and the whole thing is encased in batting, and then fleece. I also cut out some felt clothes shapes to put in it, but my nephew likes to store other things in there as well!'

The ingenuity of this make is astounding and also, it's just so cute!

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