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Ministry of Craft Blog

    Thursday, May 31, 2018

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    The Perfect Homemade Gift for Father's Day


    The Perfect Homemade Gift for Father's Day

    A tool roll is the perfect gift for Fathers Day and making it yourself makes it even that bit more special, so here it a simple tutorial to get stitching!


    Finished measurements 32cm x 40cm


    Outside and lining - medium weight denim fabric

    Cut two main 43cm x 74cm

    Please note, a directional patterned fabric will not be suitable as the design would appear upside down as the fabric wraps over to the inside of the tool roll (A directional pattern is one where the design goes in an obvious direction, e.g. a fish in a bowl).

    Tie - 1.2m length of webbing, cord or wide ribbon

    Tape - 43cm length approximately 4cm wide (tape featured is from Merchant & Mills).

    Co-ordinating thread



    Sewing machine

    Twin needle


    Iron and ironing board


    How to make

    Seam allowances are included in cutting sizes. Use a 1.5cm seam allowance throughout unless otherwise stated.

    1 - Cut fabric pieces according to the above measurements

    2 - Pin the wrong side of the tape to the right side of one of the denim pieces, 2.5cm below one of the shorter edges, so the short side of the trim are flush with the long sides of the denim.

    Top tip - When you are pinning, always think about the direction you are going to sew in. Position your pins so the heads are nearest to you to make it easy to remove them while you are sewing.

    3 - Stitch the tape in place on the top and lower edge approximately 2mm from the edge.

    4 - Fold the length of the tie in half and pin in place below the tape on either the left or right side and 8.5cm below the top edge. The folded edge of the tie should be flush with the side of the denim.

    5 - Stitch the tie in place using a 1cm seam allowance.

    6 - Pin the two denim pieces right sides together so all the edges are flush.

    7 - Sew the two pieces together around the edges, starting to stitch approximately 3cm above one of the corners on the long sides where the tape is attached, pivoting at the corners. Stop stitching approximately 10cm before meeting the starting point and turn your project through to the right side through the gap, this is known as 'bagging out'. Press.

    Top tip - Position a pin at right angles at the start and the end of where you will be sewing to remind you to leave the 10cm opening.

    Top tip - To achieve sharp corners, before turning the project to the right side, cut diagonally across the corner in the seam allowance to reduce the bulk. Use a point turner to gently push the corners out or carefully use the end of a pair of scissors if you do not have a point turner.

    8 - Fold the bottom edge up 24cm and so the tape sits on the outside. Press the folded bottom edge and pin the side seams.

    9 - Stitch the sides approximately 3mm from the edge using a twin needle to form 2 decorative rows of stitching and this will also close the gap used to turn the project through to the right side.

    How to use a twin needle

    Thread the sewing machine with two threads using the second spool holder. Feed both threads through the machine as one thread, and then thread each one through the separate holes in the twin needle. Check your manual which foot to use because the needle hole in the foot has to be big enough to take two needles.

    10 - Mark the number and width of sections required to hold the tools using chalk, ensuring the lines are parallel to the side seams.

    11 - Stitch on top of the lines to form the sections.

    12 - Fold and press the top edge down 16cm to form the flap.

    13 - Place your tools in place, roll it up, tie it closed and your done!


    The roll can be made in different fabrics and sizes to be used as a pen roll, make-up brush roll, knitting needle roll and much more!



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