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Ministry of Craft Blog

    Saturday, July 20, 2019

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    A rouleau is a strip of fabric stitched to form a narrow tube. Rouleau loops are most often used as button fastenings, but the rouleau can also be used for spaghetti straps and ties.

    What you will need

    Strip of fabric

    Loop turner


    Piping cord (or string) and standard zip foot.

    The first thing you will need to do is to cut a 3cm wide strip of fabric long enough to make the tie. For loops, the strips are cut on the bias of the fabric (diagonally across the grain) which makes them more flexible and able to stretch around buttons. As we don’t need any stretch in a tie or strap, the strips can be cut on the grain of the fabric.

    Fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise, right sides together.

    Method 1 – Using piping cord and a standard zip foot

    Cut a piece of piping cord the length of the finished tie plus 5cm, place the piping cord inside the fold. Secure the piping cord at one of the short ends by sewing back and forth a couple of times over the piping cord. 

    Using a standard zip foot, stitch down the length of the folded fabric strip, being careful not to catch the piping cord in the stitches.

    Turn the rouleau right side out by pulling on the piping cord. Remove the piping cord by cutting away the end it is stitched to.


    Method 2 – Using a loop turner

    A loop turner is a thin metal rod with a ring on one end and a hook and latch on the other. It’s a great tool for turning any fabric tube right side out.

    Stitch down the length of the folded fabric strip approximately 8mm from the fold.

    Insert the loop turner through the tube so the hook and latch come out the opposite end. Poke the sharp latch through the fabric at the end of the tube and close it.

    Pull the loop turner out, holding onto the ring with one hand and the hook end with the other. Continue to pull until you’ve turned the tube right side out.

    Roll the tube between your fingers to bring the seam to the edge. There is no need to press. The seam allowance inside the rouleau gives it its body. Then neaten the ends by tucking the end within the rouleau itself and overcasting with a few stitches. You could then also knot each end of the tie if desired.



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