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Ministry of Craft Blog

    Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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    Customer Makes


    Customer Makes

    Thanks Rae for sharing your sewing journey with us, the garments you have made look great, you should be really proud and we look forward to the next installment……..

    After I struggled a bit with darts and inset seams not quite behaving, I decided to try something ULTRA simple, and bought the April Rhodes Staple Dress Pattern. There are lots of images and blogs of people who have made this dress beautifully, just so nice to see how differently it can look in different fabrics on different people, here is my favourite.  You can really learn so much by reading around the pattern and seeing it in different fabrics before you commit to spending your precious pennies... So I decided to try this in a soft-ish cotton and made the green dress with cream spots from Leons in Chorlton I was really pleased with the result. The pattern kind of did what it said on the packet - which was not my experience with the Merchant and Mills patterns I made (but this probably means that I am a little too inexperienced to tackle these yet - and maybe if I try again later they will come a little easier). Anyway, no darts, no shoulder seams just a great pattern cut and some trusty shearing! I went for an XS on top and graded to a Small for the skirt, and I made the version with the level hem not the dropped back hem. I altered the dress by adding 5 inches to the hem, as I do like a below the knee length, and I only put one row of shearing in because I wanted it soft, and anyway I will wear with a belt. After making this in the cotton, I decided it would certainly suit a more flowing, drapey fabric and went for a viscose from Abahkan in MCR it was harder to handle, but worth it. And I decided to use the french seams throughout - including the inseam pockets and because the fabric was so thin that worked just fine. Here are the pictures - I really recommend this pattern. I am planning to make a long sleeved version it in an organic linen knit. I could literally live in these dresses.



    After making The Fielder, my other pattern to try was The Camber top. 

    I had read so much great feedback online, that I felt sure I could tackle these two, but in fact they turned out a bit tricky for my brain! I was meticulous in approaching this, and even made a Toile where I discovered a slight issue with the yoke not matching the facing, still not exactly sure what I am doing wrong here, but after looking at it from all angles in consultation with my problem-solving husband we decided that they only way was to create a 'fix' and make the yoke a little longer so that all seams could line up and sew up. Which did work. BUT I was left with an uncanny ill fitting bump on the back of the shoulder, which seems a shame. Also there are other things that make this top not perfect. However, I will endeavour to make it again and see if I can't sort these things out because it is a pretty useful top. I don't have tops like this in my wardrobe, woven fabric tops, they are kind of smart-casual and although I can't move enough to teach Qigong, I can cycle and dig and do other things in this top - so it can work for my life and be a little smarter when I need that too. In November I am booked onto the Clone your Closet workshop and I am very excited about this because this is what I have wanted to be able to do for years. The difficulty is going to be in choosing one item to bring, but hopefully learning how to clone one item and also keeping my ears and eyes open to see how other people are doing their patterns should be a real skill development for me. I shall start digging in my wardrobe. Unfortunately certain key items have been lost in the depths of time and space (or are they in the loft??). But for those lovely pieces that I am lucky enough fit me well and work well I can have a go at replicating them in new and fresh fabrics. Can't wait - thanks for offering this course! 



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