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Ministry of Craft Blog

    Friday, May 10, 2019

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    Clone Your Closet by Ministry


    Clone Your Closet by Ministry

    What have I been sewing lately? I had a favourite, very useful casual wool jacket that I managed to leave on holiday. With no chance of getting it back, I headed back to the shops for a replacement, which I managed to get but not in the right colour. As it was a style I loved so much, I decided it was time to Clone My Closet and make my own version of it in the colour I wanted.

    The bodice was made up of a four front panels and three back panels, which were all quite shapely. Luckily they were quite small which made it easier to lie them flat on the paper and padding to trace the seam lines using a pin which left small holes to join together on the paper. I didn't have access to one of the padded boards we use in our class but a sofa cushion did the trick!

    Creating the pattern piece for the  front panel was probably the most tricky where is joined to the collar, back shoulder and sleeve. I found it easier to create the sleeve and collar patterns through a combination of tracing and measuring using flat pattern construction methods.

    With all the pattern pieces created, seam and hem allowances added, I was ready to go.

    I tested the pattern out on a cheaper boiled wool mix fabric first.

    And this is how it looked.....

    This is the original shop bought version...

    The original fabric was a wool rib, I couldn’t find exactly the same thing but did find a lovely blue boiled wool in Leon’s in Chorlton to make it in.

    And while I was there I also picked up a stretch denim to try it out in that too.

    If you have a favourite item you want to make a pattern from (without destroying the original garment) join us for our next Clone your Closet workshop. 


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