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Ministry of Craft Blog

    Friday, September 27, 2019

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    Bodice Fitting with Rae


    Bodice Fitting with Rae

    Thanks Rae for attending our Bodice Fitting class and sharing your story about experimenting with the pattern.

    I attended the Bodice Fitting Workshop in June and had a lovely (if boiling hot) day doing just that. It was a fascinating process to go through all the steps with all the other ladies to get our bodice patterns just right.

    The tutor Jeanette took us through some steps for using this bodice as a basis for other patterns so that we can really adjust future patterns for a better more bespoke fit. And as always we were given great handouts, as well as our final paper patterns to take away.

    I felt like I had learned a lot in a very short space of time. And I wanted to try out my new pattern while things were fresh in my mind. So I found some beautiful fabric in my collection and got going. The bodice pattern came together quite easily. There was the slight issue of the neckline - I wasn't quite sure how to cut that. The bodice on its own is just too short to wear as a top, so it does need to be lengthened some how. I didn't have enough fabric to make a fit and flare dress but I did have a section of the same material that I thought might work as a peplum. This isn't my usual style, but I know they are in fashion at the moment. So I attached the fabric to the hem of the bodice with folds and tucks to create kind of pleats. This was quite fun! Then I added a zip (badly) and realised that it wasn't long enough because the tiniest part of the top is the bottom of the bodice and my zip didn't reach that far down.

    At this point I had to stop, order a longer invisible zip and sit and wait...

    Later that week the zip arrived and I put it into the top going further down into the design so that it really opens up that tiny back part. I hand stitched the neckline and arm holes. And I have a finished Peplum top which in theory should be a second skin, and I think it is really not too bad! However, there are some issues still to resolve and I haven't actually worn it out yet, I will do, but really this is probably more of a pretty toile... (should have made it in calico really...)

    The next obvious MoC course for me to attend is the Fit and Flare dress where you use your own bodice pattern to create your own perfect fit and flare dress. I am experimenting with a couple of other patterns in the meantime, but I do plan to come and do this course next. I love that these courses are run on repeat and over the years I am able to attend one or two courses per year and increase my skills and experience and create some lovely clothes - many thanks!

    The fit looks amazing Rae and I love the peplum attachment. I can see what you mean about the neckline, it looks a little bit too big and gaping so probably needs some width out of the neckline, something we can address on the Fit and Flaredress workshop, good luck with the other patterns and look forward to seeing you soon!


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